Contesting at IR4M

The 20m and 40m monobander Yagis and the 80m vertical
at sunset with the sky on fire in the background.

The best part of the contest is coming soon.
Francesco, IK4HVR, is taking care of the mixed grill.'s too late!
Davide, IK4MGX, is stripping the flesh from the last rib.

A smart contester has always a "Plan-B"...

2006 ARRL CW Contest
Back row, left to right:
Fulvio, IK4MGP - Giancarlo, I4DZ - Stefano, IK4WMH - Francesco, IK4HVR
Front row, left to right:
Pierangelo, IK4SXJ - Davide, IK4UNH - Paolo, IK3QAR

Inside the shack. Left to right:
Fulvio, IK4MGP - Davide, IK4MGX - Tony, IZ3ESV - Paolo, IK3QAR

Fulvio, IK4MGP with Tony, T77C, at the multiplier station.

Sitting, left to right: Stefano, IK4ZGO - Fulvio, IK4MGP - Paolo, IK3QAR.
Claudio, I4LEC, is watching over them.

In the foreground: Paolo, IK3QAR, at the running position.
In the background: Francesco, IK4HVR, at the sleeping position.

Tony, IZ3ESV, high on radiofrequency exposure.